Accredited members and practices

Because Theatre Consultancy is so heavily based on personal experience in the field, members are accredited as individuals rather than as practices. To be accredited a member must be able to demonstrate experience in practical theatre work and work in a theatre consultancy role on completed projects.  Their work must be supported by the client or architect on the project to confirm the individual’s ability to input into the design and client support needs in bringing the project to completion.  Normally members begin as Associates and work with established practices until further projects have been completed and further references are offered before becoming a full member. 

Because of the wide range of experience and knowledge that may be required of a Theatre Consultant, members often band together in practices to bring together consolidated services yet allowing particular expertise to be developed by consultants within the team.  Several Theatre Consultants continue in occasional practice as lighting, sound or audio-visual designers or as production managers or undertake short periods in management of venues.  This constant contact with the live performing arts is important to updating knowledge and refreshing a consultant’s experience in practical theatre work.  Members may have full time or associate status in practices to allow both their continuing professional work and their particular continuing professional development. 

Some members are, because of long experience, desirous of working in specialist fields of theatre consultancy as individuals or in very small practices.  A few have such wide experience in their own right as managers and technicians that they operate as individual practices advising particularly on the early inception stages and client support, sometimes working with other practices to provide a full consultancy service on larger projects.

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